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Pursuant to Section 190.012(1) of the Florida Statutes, the One Daytona Community Development District (“District”) is authorized to provide the following services to its property owners:

(1)  To finance, fund, plan, establish, acquire, construct or reconstruct, enlarge or extend, equip, operate, and maintain systems, facilities, and basic infrastructures for the following:

(a)  Water management and control for the lands within the district and to connect some or any of such facilities with roads and bridges.

(b)  Water supply, sewer, and wastewater management, reclamation, and reuse or any combination thereof, and to construct and operate connecting intercepting or outlet sewers and sewer mains and pipes and water mains, conduits, or pipelines in, along, and under any street, alley, highway, or other public place or ways, and to dispose of any effluent, residue, or other byproducts of such system or sewer system.

(c)  Bridges or culverts that may be needed across any drain, ditch, canal, floodway, holding basin, excavation, public highway, tract, grade, fill, or cut and roadways over levees and embankments, and to construct any and all of such works and improvements across, through, or over any public right-of-way, highway, grade, fill, or cut.

(d)    1.  District roads equal to or exceeding the applicable specifications of the county in which such district roads are located; roads and improvements to existing public roads that are owned by or conveyed to the local general-purpose government, the state, or the Federal Government; street lights; alleys; landscaping; hardscaping; and the undergrounding of electric utility lines. Districts may request the underground placement of utility lines by the local retail electric utility provider in accordance with the utility’s tariff on file with the Public Service Commission and may finance the required contribution.         2.  Buses, trolleys, transit shelters, ridesharing facilities and services, parking improvements, and related signage.

(e)  Investigation and remediation costs associated with the cleanup of actual or perceived environmental contamination within the district under the supervision or direction of a competent governmental authority unless the covered costs benefit any person who is a landowner within the district and who caused or contributed to the contamination.

(f)  Conservation areas, mitigation areas, and wildlife habitat, including the maintenance of any plant or animal species, and any related interest in real or personal property.

(g)  Any other project within or without the boundaries of a district when a local government issued a development order pursuant to s. 380.06 or s. 380.061 approving or expressly requiring the construction or funding of the project by the district, or when the project is the subject of an agreement between the district and a governmental entity and is consistent with the local government comprehensive plan of the local government within which the project is to be located.

(h)  Any other project, facility, or service required by a development approval, interlocal agreement, zoning condition, or permit issued by a governmental authority with jurisdiction in the district.

Ongoing Services

The One Daytona Community Development’s (“District’s”) Board of Supervisors may choose to operate and maintain any of the public infrastructure improvements it constructs and/or acquires.  If infrastructure is operated and/or maintained by the District, the District must comply with all standards of care and service required by any of the local governments having jurisdiction over District lands.

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